Chook Tractor

I’ve been a keen chook hobbyist for 20 years. My Wife, my kids & I have enjoyed raising chooks as pets (with eggs as benefits!) since my kids were young. We’ve tried housing our chooks in all kinds of different arrangements — pens, sheds, fenced areas, hutches, orchards and out in the paddocks.

We’ve had many a fox attack and a few heads have rolled… so after years of trial and error I’ve found a design that perfectly balances your needs with the needs of your chooks!

My chook tractors are designed to keep your chooks happy and safe in all seasons:

🐓 insulated for warmth in winter and to stay cool in the Australian summer.

🐓 fits perfectly on a trailer for easy transport to your location.

🐓 spacious enough for your chooks to scratch and forage without boredom and without daily relocating.

🐓 flat pack design means the pens can be shipped to you for construction, or for an additional fee I can deliver and assemble for you (I’m also available by phone to guide you through).

🐓 nesting boxes accessible externally for ease of access.

🐓 quality materials mean durability for years to come, in all seasons and all conditions.

🐓 fox proof!

$900 (inc GST)

freight cost depends on location

local pickup in Junortoun, Victoria

delivery and assembly available within 100km

Contact Phil Maud for details



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